The Love, The Itch and The Tiger

George: Let me explain it for you. If you are contemplating humanity’s purpose in the universe and a woman seduces you, where does your attention go?

David: Ummm, to the woman I would think 🙂

George: Say you fall in love with this fine woman, it’s hard to stop thinking about her, true? David: True. (blush)

George: Then all of a sudden, you get an itch that you really need to scratch. What’s on your mind: the love or the discomfort of the itch? What demands your attention now?

David: I would like to scratch first George. Haha – that’s right!

George: Okay, so you have this nasty itch right and all of a sudden a tiger walks into the room. What is commanding your attention now; the fear of being mauled and eaten or the itch needing a scratch?

David: The fear of the tiger!

George: So, where did the itch go? …. and the love? …. and the meaning of life?

The above outlines Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

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