Your child’s education starts and ends with you!

How you learn is more important than what you learn…

If you think an expensive private school could deliver education and empower your child to think for themselves, I suggest you THINK AGAIN. Quality schooling and empowering child’s education at home should be balanced.

When at home, find time to guide your child on formulating their purpose and creativity especially on solving problems and improving their skills. What you do will set their lives up to respect existing knowledge and still have the confidence to face any challenges like those that are misrepresented, misinterpreted or  have become outdated.

Personally, at first, I did not get that. I had to invest a lot of effort and time to slowly unlearn the ideas that placed fear and doubt in me. I had doubted my ability to solve problems and had found myself re-applying the knowledge that’s supposed to be reinvented.

Again, how you learn is more important than what you learn.

1. Asking questions is something you can learn as a skill and this aids in your critical thinking.

2. Brainstorming ideas to serve a well-defined problem is another skill to help you cross over into creating rather than just consuming other people’s solutions.

3. Learning to be patient and collecting information before you rush to conclusions is another discipline to develop.

4. Looking at all logic as open to scrutiny to avoid blind spots is another perspective, expanding and empowering process.

5. Learning about first principles that then guide you on deconstructing a problem down to the level of components where you can find disconnected logic, create reconnections and reconstruct into a new solution is the ultimate in personal empowerment.

Your child is a genius waiting to be empowered to bring out their multidimensional intelligence. To let them become trapped into drone groupthink is to quash their essence to shine and touch the world their way, making it a better place.

Do not let the education system shut down your child’s options. Expensive education only delivers half of the equation, and cheap education can also instill ideas that sabotage their brilliance.

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