How to stop being scammed

The theme for the last 2 weeks has been scammers. I am bemused and fascinated by how these predators want to steal from you and deceive you out of money. It also reveals some interesting challenges within ourselves that make us susceptible to scams.

These days, we have the resources to expose these people most of the time. I recall about 10 years ago being done by a scamming website called Freelander Ops. Last week a client asked me for advice on whether they should go with a website that promotes Advertising clicks.

As we deconstructed the business model, it made no sense! There was no value being created for the community. This is a major red flag of any business. Needless to say, my client was no longer going to allow $15,000 of investment to happen through her little network after what we found online with a little bit of quality research.

This Traffic Monsoon website was all about having a share in the advertising pool and you would earn money by clicking on the banners and links repeatedly. How is that any value to anyone? So basically, you pretend you are an advertiser and you storm a banner with meaningless clicks, incurring costs for the advertiser which is you by the way. Apparently, they get you to start a banner Ad. Not sure about this, but it may be that it is set up so you money launder for them from yourself! Now that is funny! Imagine that; they get you to setup an add as their client. Then they earn commission from your clicks. So you spend your money and it ends up with them through some google click bank advertising portal. They said it’s a legally binding agreement with you as the advertiser and they told you that you get to share in the revenue. But it was your money to begin with and is only going to be spread out between the advertising portal, them and you?

Then, like Freelander Ops, excuses as to why money could not be released to you is broadcasted while they have their fanatics and their fraudulent minions raving about how legit it is. So they show you an account with your money is growing and motivate you to invest even more because it’s growing fast and you need to catch that wave. I suspect in the beginning, they use the new money to pay out the short term knowing people will put it all back in wanting more and raving about how real it is, which builds their momentum. Here is the founder in action making lame excuses! – notice the video has comments disabled – another alarm bell!

Anyway, they string you along while they collect more and more money from all the new investors and then they just disappear with all of the money, leaving people behind wandering what happened.

Here are things you can do to protect yourself or friends from scammers: –

1. Don’t invest in anything that does not make sense to you.

2. Don’t believe people’s video and written testimonials because they may have had a small win but in the medium to long run you are all going to lose big.

3. Search the name of the company and the words scam, fraud etc and scroll lower than their SEO propaganda that attempts to hide the truth.

4. Check out scam advisor websites that list these types of scam businesses on there. – this is a good one – you enter the website in question and you read all about it. There are even FB comments at the bottom of some so you can see people abusing the business for being ripped off! The top screen grab shows you how it works. Notice that Traffic Monsoon had a very low rating?

5. Excuses will keep coming and the reasons why money is not being released will keep changing. That is an alarm bell to drop the hope and see through the smoke and mirrors. Hopefully you would not have exposed yourself financially to these ruthless people by the time these excuses are rolling in because your money is well and truly gone by then.

6. If you want to try it because you feel like gambling, put a small amount of money in that you can afford to lose, and then when they claim you have earned double or triple that amount in your so called bank account with them, that is the time to withdraw ALL of it. Once you have received your money in your bank account, then do it again with half the money back in so you are going to be in front and keep withdrawing all your money out each time there are gains. This way, you will lose small if you are onboard a scam site and you will actually beat them at their own game if you get in early enough and they collapse later.

7. Trust your gut – if it feels a little uneasy and tight, it’s probably because the offer has no value to the community and is just a promise of getting rich without giving anything of value. Any offer like that is immoral and is trying to seduce people who are desperate to solve their money problems. 10 years ago, I was one of them!

From being scammed I have learned to avoid it. Once you know how easy it is for these people to lie, make it hard for you to find their phone numbers, I have found that all get rich quick schemes and programs, even from educators rarely results in what they promise. In fact, I would dare say 99% of the crazy offers online are pure bullshit. So why gamble like that? You may as well donate it to charity or go on a holiday with it. 🙂

The most important message I would take from how we entangle with scammers is the fact we are searching for a way to take without truly giving. This is a confronting revelation. This is why digging deep and finding the passion to offer your community something of value is what being wealthy is about, as the reciprocation takes care of itself.

Maybe scammers are reflecting the greatest scam of all; the idea that we don’t have what it takes to be of tremendous value to our community.

Have you been scammed and have you learned other signs that can help people avoid scammers?

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