You already have what you need to thrive

I had lunch with my dear friend Dr Joe Kosterich today. On our way back to my office and his car, he told me about the acorn and how everything contained within that acorn guides its growth to become a fabulous oak tree. I could relate to that because everything I do with my clients as we work through EP7 is simply turning on their acorn so to speak because everything we need to succeed is already in us!

The acorn knows what to do and how to do it because there is a blueprint of principles that govern how it will take on the environment and thrive. This reminds me when I wrote about if a tree could talk, what would it say.

How connected are you to your power and inner intelligence? What are your principles? Your rules of life that you stand by through thick and thin, never to be negotiated. Are enough of these principles about how to thrive? How to engage and inspire? How to create, innovate and be open to adventure?

What are your precious values which predetermine how you connect with everyone and everything? Can you articulate them? Can you feel their presence in what you do? Do you feel the undercurrent of them driving you to the only destiny you will accept?

This is exactly what it takes to be extraordinary. You are designed to be this way. You’re bio-engineered to adapt with empowering assumptions that better anticipate this world so you can make the right decisions consistently to attract what you desire. You are equipped with the memory to bind those principles into a version of being that dignifies you and others, and creates a reality that immerses you in purpose.

YOU are designed to be powerful for the purpose to be secure and to thrive forever.

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