24 Oct: Losing the Fear of Rejection

Our personality spends so much time screening our environment to avoid potential rejection, we forget to look for opportunities to thrive. The thriving has to wait until there is a path where you are safe from all rejections. Given that path does not exist, our goals are left ignored.

02 May: My Inner Propaganda

Every person that was pushed to great heights still has emotional drama. Am I losing my care for the emotional drama? Am I demonising emotion? Am I denying the value of what allows me to feel and experience the contrast? I believe I have been and this has been my inner propaganda.

10 Apr: Tony Robbins’ blind spot on the #MeToo Movement

You would think that abuse is abuse, especially for Tony Robbins. The reality is, we all have many blind spots, and Tony is no different, regardless of the pressure on him to appear fully actualised in the personal development industry. Physical abuse is a no brainer; Hurting someone physically or assaulting someone sexually is against the law. However, when it gets into emotional and mental abuse, this is where the law and even society struggles to comprehend, discern and decide how to react and deal with it to protect the innocent. We as a society have a massive blind spot on such an important issue.