Dear Champion

You are here to leave a legacy by being the real you, in flow and on purpose in everything you do.

Dear Champion

There comes a time when you look back on your life and remember pivotal moments where something special happened. You recall when you felt invincible and every person in your life felt like a meaningful part of you. You glided through endless highlights where you engaged life with intense passion, found that second wind when the odds were stacked against you. Where you instinctively reacted to challenging situations that sent witnesses into a spin as they marvelled at what you did and how you did it.

Those successes gave you the thrills, but how you dug deep, found the courage to go further than the status quo and inspired your peers to meet you at that level; this is the pride that stays with you into old age with a legacy of fond memories held in the hearts of many.

You are not meant to compete in any truly serious way according to popular opinion. You are not meant to make any significant inroads into your big goals this year. Yet, you are only a decision away from claiming the year of your life and defining the next decade as your platform to shine. The decision to get stubborn and only settle for exceptional in everything you do in every moment.

Study more and explore with your expert advisors, wise mentors, experienced coaches and successful colleagues about what the next level is going to look like for you. Reimagine yourself and rehearse your new way of being. And get real! Build the knowledge, fitness and strength as the foundation to deliver. If you are super prepared and ready, you can let yourself flow, pouring an evolved version of you into the challenges and experiencing how effective you have become. Then rinse and repeat! Rinse and repeat forever!

They ask you to do more, do even more than more. Your body and mind will adjust to the intensity you decide on. Don’t let your fears cap your brilliance. Get that fire in the belly raging and push. Be more than what anyone expects of you. Let those skill drills repeat enough to move you into a deep trance where you suddenly just do without thinking. So finally when you need to perform, because you embedded the capabilities into every fibre of your being, you simply make it all happen.

When you get hurt, get more determined. When you are embarrassed, get humbled and more focused. When you lose or fail, get annoyed and more hungry to be better. You have not arrived by achieving the next big goal. You have been earning the right of passage to create a legacy. Are you going to play hard or cruise? Don’t grab the bull by the horns, be the bull!

Every moment is an opportunity to compete with intensity or celebrate the rewards that came from that intensity. How much is left in your tank at the end of the day? How big did you expand your tank by the time the day started? Sleep well, eat well, play hard and celebrate in gratitude.

Champions are made by living in the details, building the personal constitution to excel. Don’t cut any corners because you are tired. If you collapse, then fine. Get up and go again until you have smashed through your bullshit glass ceilings. Let your naysayers worship their glass ceilings. Not you! Never you! Smash ’em! And smash the lies that deny the truth: that this world is your playground!

Feel the moment and the cause! Do it with instinct all the way. Sense your environment and what is actually happening in real time. Anticipate the obstacles and live in the possibilities to handle them all. Let fear feed you by examining the lies that hold it up as your illusionary wall. Exploit the lies by revealing the truth they hide and let that truth do the heavy lifting. Let that truth set you free with clarity, direction and inspiration. Go with what you know and feel because champions don’t ponder what to do next – they are one with the mission and just flow into it. Be prepared enough to live in that flow when it counts.

Play life like a game of inviting everyone who respects abundance to win with you. You are here to get the most out of every part of your life. Winning is not enough. Being your best is not enough. You can’t reach your best because you can always get better and the joy of winning is temporary. Play to win big, win great and win with the purpose to leave the spectators and the participants in awe. And remain in touch with the reality that you are always a work in progress, like everyone else.

You are here in this moment with a decision to make and one day you will look back and see what you did. You will see the rich memories you created in the hearts and minds of tens of thousands of recipients of your passion and your example and this will spread your legacy through generations to come.

Dear Champion, you can make that decision NOW.

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