How to move on from missing a partner

One of the most challenging parts of a break-up, is dealing with how much we miss our partner. In this podcast, George and Rachel discuss understanding why we miss someone and what we can do to help heal and move on.
While we assume time will heal and help you move on, we show in this EP7 Podcast, “How to move on from missing a partner”, that this is not the case. The key is what you do in time that helps you move on in a more healthy and timely way. We can’t escape the heartache of a breakup and we can muster the courage to move on. However, how well we do that is based on a lot of important things you can do. This is why Rachel and I discuss this at length. We all know moving on is necessary and the temptation to go back can be very destructive and prolong the agony of being in a bad relationship.

Here’s what was covered in the EP7 Podcast:

  • The frustration of understanding why a break-up occurred [2:40]
  • What is going on in your body when you’re missing someone? [4:00]
  • Why does your mind go on a path of torture, reminding you of the things you’re missing? [6:00]
  • The connection of your heart and brain to your emotions [6:15]
  • How to start building a perspective to understand why and be able to deal with it [10:25]
  • Strategies on how to stop missing someone [16:19]
  • The reason why you are missing someone badly and are unable to let go [19:51]
  • And much more!

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