Right here, right now, you can turn on your power for purposeful being


Right here, right now. I would like to express my intention to connect you to a truth in this moment. A truth of you, your power and a way into more of your purpose, right here, right now.

Let’s start with what we can sense: undisputed facts.

You are aware of something. That something is presenting a relationship between energy and mass. That something includes a range of information that decodes colour, sound, texture and sets of behaviour patterns that focus on surviving and thriving.

And all these somethings flow through the fabric of your existence and continue to reshape an existence acknowledged by your awareness.

All this is available to contemplate and understand only in this moment. A moment acting like a portal into the exquisite cause and effect chain that offers strands of meaning that deliver unique experiences. So the same rolle-coaster ride offers terror and exhilaration – strands of meaning in the same environment. Life is the roller-coaster of what meaning, through assumptions, we weave into the moment that defines and makes experiences very personal.

What can we do in this moment that can create enriching experiences? What can we connect with to unify, belong and flow in an exchange of giving and receiving in the areas where those purposeful connections are missing? What disconnections can we honour by understanding through dismantling and unraveling the cause and effect chain down to the illusionary root causes that deceives you from the oneness of you with everything that feeds your purpose?

Right here, right now, you can find reasons to transform into a connection what was missing and receive the love and abundance it has to offer that was blocked by the power of assumptions to deny it all.

Right here, right now, you can be curious about what keeps you from the love, and seek to understand yourself, what assumptions are shaping what you can connect to and what is supposed to be non-existent.

Right here, right now, you can find what is missing that restores your creative force to shape any destiny you want with the humble courageous flow that seeks to understand how to express beyond one’s self.

Right here, right now, you can pause and listen and feel the moment with all your senses and even every pore of your skin. Your body is a pure instrument that can absorb the reality of your environment when allowed to be unprejudiced by assumptions. You can sense how the tiny information bits interconnect into a bigger picture. You can patiently wait and continue to question until missing parts appear and offer a vivid understanding of how everything is held together.  The pieces of the puzzle reveals how the illusion of logic can be made possible and how we can hold an illusion as truth. The truth of a mistruth can now set you free.

There are opportunities in every facet of life’s expression to access a bigger picture, expand awareness, expose deception and become informed so you can reclaim the abundance of opportunities to transform into purposeful existence.

Right here, right now, you can deconstruct any state of being that’s held captive by a deceptive picture and reconstruct into a thriving state of being that enlightens through a picture accessed by your will, grace and power.

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